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Skateboarding equipment you need for the skatepark

Hey there, fellow skaters!

Living in the UK, the dry weather is finally here, and it’s time to talk about the essential skateboarding equipment you need to bring with you when heading to the skate park.

We’re not just talking about your trusty skateboard, but the other gear that will help keep you safe, prepared for anything, and ready to shred. So, grab your deck, put on your favorite skate shoes, and let’s dive right into it!

Skateboarding equipment you need for the skatepark

What to Wear

First things first, safety should always be your top priority. While skateboarding is all about having fun and pushing your limits, it’s crucial to protect yourself from potential spills and falls.


REKD helmet skateboarding equipment

A quality skateboard helmet is at the top of the list for essential skateboarding equipment because it’s an important bit of kit. I would make sure to invest in a certified skateboard helmet that fits you properly. It should snugly cover your head and have adjustable straps to keep it securely in place. Remember, your melon is precious, and protection is important.

Me and the kids wear the REKD Ultralite in-mold helmet (pictured above), which comes fully certified with a decent amount of adjustable padding. And they are bang-on with the ultra-light statement, you don’t know you’ve got it on.

Some great brands to choose from are REKD, Pro-teck, TSG, Triple 8, and S1. These are all certified helmets that not just look good, they’ll keep your head super safe if you hit the deck.


skateboarding knee pad set

Besides the helmet, the second most important bit of skateboarding equipment is pads. Elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist guards are essential for protecting your joints and preventing unnecessary injuries.

Falling is part of the learning process, so having these protective gears will give you the confidence to try new tricks and push yourself further. Plus, rocking a set of colorful pads can add a splash of style to your skate park look.

I personally wear TSG pads. They’re pretty heavy-duty and a little bit on the expensive side, but I’ve had them for ages and they’re really supportive, which is ideal for old knees like mine.


checked vans skateboarding shoes

Now, let’s talk shoes. When it comes to skateboarding, your footwear matters. You want shoes that provide excellent grip, flexibility, and durability. Look for skate-specific shoes with a flat sole and sticky rubber outsole.

These features will give you optimal board control and help prevent your feet from slipping off the grip tape. Remember, a solid grip can make all the difference when attempting those sick flip tricks or landing a smooth grind.

For me, Vans Low-Tops are still my go-to skate shoe, and I’ve also tried the Nike SB’s, which are equally as good. Both have super grip and are nice and comfy. They last quite a while too, so great value for money.

Handy Tools

When you’re out and about on your board, it’s a good idea to carry around some handy tools in case you need to fix something or add some extra slide to a grind rail.



orange skateboarding t tool

Next up, we have some handy tools that every skater should carry in their bag. One of the most essential tools is a T-tool. This nifty little gadget is a multi-purpose tool that allows you to adjust your trucks, tighten or loosen your hardware, and even change your wheels. It’s a compact and convenient tool that will save you time and frustration at the skate park. Trust me, you don’t want to be caught with loose trucks or squeaky wheels mid-session.


core epic skate wax with rail grove

Now, let’s talk about skate wax. If you’re into grinding on rails or ledges, you’ll definitely want to bring a small block of skateboard wax with you. Waxing up the surfaces can help reduce friction and make your slides and grinds smoother. While I’m not much of a street skater, I can fully appreciate the ergonomics of the core epic skate wax with the rail groove, such a great idea.

It’s like adding a little bit of magic to your skateboard, allowing you to slide effortlessly and impress your friends with your sick moves. Just be sure to use wax on designated spots and respect the skate park rules.

Essential Spare Parts

reds skateboard bearings and the box

Lastly, it’s always a good idea to have some spare parts on hand. Skateboarding can be tough on your equipment, and things can break or wear out over time. Having spare wheels, skateboard bearings, and washers can save the day when you least expect it. Imagine rolling up to the skate park, only to find out that your wheel is cracked or your bearings are rusty. Having a backup set can keep you rolling and prevent any major disruptions to your session.

Bones Reds are a go-to for me. They’re about £15 for a box of 8 and they’ve always worked really well for me.

So, when you’re getting ready for a skate park session, make sure to pack these essentials: a helmet to protect your noggin, pads for added safety, anti-slip shoes for optimal board control, a T-tool for quick adjustments, skate wax to add some glide to your grinds, and spare parts to keep you rolling smoothly.

Need something to put all this in? No worries, we’ve reviewed some of the best skateboard bags on the market for you to check out.

Remember, skating is all about having fun, expressing yourself, and pushing your limits. So, gear up, grab your board, and enjoy the thrill of skateboarding while staying safe and stylish.

Keep shredding, my friends!

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