How to put wheels on a skateboard

How to put wheels on a skateboard

So, you want to know how to take your skateboard wheels off. There are three reasons you would want to remove your skateboard wheels. One is to replace the bearings, washers, or spacers, the second is to give it a good clean if you’ve been skating rough ground and the third reason is to replace...

Close up shot of someone's foot on a skateboard doing a trick

How to change your skateboard grip tape

The traction you get from your skateboard grip tape can make your rides sweeter, and your safety more assured. Knowing how to change grip tape like a pro can also make your board look more dope. Like bearings, there are no hard and fast rules on skateboard grip tape design or performance values. Many board...

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Best wheel hardness for longboard wheels

Choosing wheels for your longboard and knowing which hardness is best can be difficult, especially if you’re relatively new to skateboarding. So in this guide, we’ll help you understand different types of skateboard wheel hardness, explain why wheel hardness matters, and what is the best wheel hardness for longboard wheels to help you pick the...

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