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Top 5 mini skateboards for kids

Skateboarding is an enjoyable activity that can help children develop better coordination, balance and strength. It can also teach them the importance of perseverance and practice since learning tricks and becoming great at skateboarding takes time to master, which is why we’re sharing our top 5 mini skateboards for kids.

Using skateboards for kids from an early age guarantees that your child can enjoy the time spent practising and gradually improve their skills with time. The time spent outdoors skating will enhance their reflexes, build their confidence and make them feel more capable of trying and mastering fun new tricks. Plus, spending time playing on skateboards will help them to stay active and increase their overall health.

Children need to use the right skateboards to ensure they can manoeuvre and control their board. Read below for a comprehensive beginner’s guide to choosing the best mini skateboards for kids to help your young Tony Hawk in the making get started.


Vinsani® Retro Cruiser Plastic Skateboard – £19.99

mini skateboards for kids

The sturdy and retro-looking Vinsani Retro Cruiser Plastic skateboard is one of the best mini skateboards for kids. This beginner-friendly skateboard is perfect for young people as it feels more comfortable and stable even at speed. It is easy to manoeuvre around and highly convenient with its included carry bag for easy storage.

Even though the plastic board material is prone to scratches, it is resilient and can handle heavy use. The wheels feel smooth on the track and allow for better handling.


• Easy to control and manoeuvre

• Feels comfortable and stable

• Plenty of colour choices

• Features a convenient carry bag

• Durable


• Not ideal for tricks

• Small size board can be quickly outgrown

Key specs

• Recommended age: Five years and above

• Board size: 22″ x 6″

• Material type: Polypropylene plastic

• Wheel size and hardness: 60 x 45 mm and 82A


Xootz Mini Skateboard – £15.97

Xootz Mini Skateboard

One of the cheapest mini skateboards for kids you can buy today is the Xootz Mini Skateboard. This tiny board features a secure and stable deck, offering decent ride quality. Thanks to its appealing retro design, it is ideal for easy street cruising while looking cool.

Many Amazon reviews comment on its remarkably small size, which makes it perfect for smaller kids above three years. However, adult supervision is necessary while using this board as it can reach high speeds due to its compactness.


• Ideal for beginners

• Small size easily fits any bag

• Strong plastic deck

• Can handle basic skateboard tricks


• Children can outgrow this skateboard quickly

• The small board size can reduce manoeuvrability for kids with larger feet

Key specs

• Recommended age: Above three years with adult supervision

• Board size: 17″ x 5″

• Material type: Plastic

• Wheel size: 50 x 30mm


BELEEV Skateboard Complete Mini Cruiser – £23.99

Black complete skateboard with glowing wheels

The BELEEV Mini Cruiser is one of the top mini skateboards for kids that offers a visually appealing design. This skateboard has colourful LED wheels that add a fun dimension to the skating experience. The durable and soft wheels also offer outstanding grip even at high speed.

A notable feature of the BELEEVE Mini Cruiser is that owners also get a convenient T-tool to make any repairs or tighten up the board. It comes with good shock absorption capabilities to deliver excellent ride quality. It is also light and small, further increasing its portability.


• Colourful LED wheels

• Smooth ride quality

• Compact size for maximum portability

• Features a T-tool to make necessary repairs

• Wide variety of colour choices


• The small board size means it can be outgrown quickly

• It takes a while to get used to steering this board

Key specs

• Recommended age: Five years and above

• Size: 22″ x 6″

• Material type: Plastic and aluminium

• Wheel size: 59 x 45mm and a shock absorption unit


ROCKET Complete Popart Unisex Adult Mini Skateboard – £34.95

Rocket complete skateboard with pop art deck

The colourful design of the ROCKET Complete Popart Mini Skateboard will make kids stand out while skateboarding at the park. The 7.5-inch deck width is suitable for children between five and ten years old.

It is also quite durable since the board is made from maple, while the wheels are made from polyurethane. It is one of the costlier mini skateboards but it does offer plenty of benefits.


• Excellent for beginners

• Colourful and appealing design

• The durable maple deck is resilient to scratches


• Slightly expensive compared to similar mini skateboards

Key specs

• Recommended age: Above five years

• Deck size: 7.5 inches

• Material: Maple

• Wheel size and hardness: 52mm x 30mm and 92A


Relaxdays Skateboard for Kids 22 Inch – £37.08

Relaxdays complete skateboard deck yeloow with green wheels

If cost is not a major factor when looking at mini skateboards for kids, then you should get the Relaxdays Skateboard. This 22-inch board features a textured, stable surface for comfortable and firm footing. Thanks to the wide wheels, it is perfect for both beginners and skilled riders.

The Relaxdays mini skateboard has a weight capacity of 100kg. That means kids can use the board well into their teenage years.


• Sizeable deck suitable for a range of ages

• Sturdy and comfortable deck

• Smooth ride

• Anti-slip textured surface


• More costly than other mini skateboards

• Limited colour choices

Key specs

• Recommended age: Above four years

• Deck size: 22 inches

• Material: Plastic and aluminium


Pick any of the above options and you will have one of the best mini skateboards for kids. Check our skateboarding blog for more helpful tips.

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