Skateboard GB: Who They Are & How They Help the Skateboarding Scene in the UK

Skateboard GB: Who They Are & How They Help the Skateboarding Scene in the UK

If you’re wondering who Skateboard GB is and how they help to support the skateboarding scene in the UK, in this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Skateboard GB.

Who are Skateboard GB?

Skateboard GB is home to Olympic Skateboarding in Great Britain.

Skateboard GB is the National Governing Body for Skateboarding in England and is home to Olympic Skateboarding in Great Britain.

With it being reported that around 750,000 people take part in some form of skateboarding in the UK, Skateboard GB are there to help support those already skateboarding and those interested in starting.

Skateboard GB are a membership-based, not-for-profit organisation that aims to improve and develop skateboarding as a sport/hobby.

Run by skateboarders, for skateboarders, the team at Skate GB help develop world-class skating facilities and help form community groups to build local skate parks.

Not only this, but they also have developed accredited coaching courses, run regular competitions and train the British Skateboarding Team during the Olympic Games.

How Can Skate GB Help You?

Skateboard GB have an app available on iOS and Android

Whether you’re a beginner skater looking for support in your local area or have been skating for years and want to put something back into the community, Skateboard GB are there to help advise anybody interested in skateboarding.

Thanks to Skateboard GB, you can stay social and find out the latest skateboarding events in the UK in one place, including skateboarding events, competitions, jams, tours and more.

One of the best ways Skateboard GB can help you is by downloading the MySkate App onto your Android or iPhone.

The MySkate app will be able to show you all the locations in the UK where there is a skatepark. Alongside this feature, the SKATE game helps users to learn new tricks, with tuition videos to make it easier to learn each trick.

The Olympic Games

With skateboarding now featuring in the Olympic Games, Skateboard GB will prepare and manage the British Skateboarding Team leading to the July/August 2024 Paris Games.

Skateboarders who qualify for the Olympic Games will join the GB Olympic Team, governed by the British Olympic Association (BOA).

Learn How to Skateboard or Become a Coach

Skateboard GB organise skateboarding lessons

Learning to skateboard is fun but demands practice, diligence and energy.

If you are interested in learning how to skateboard, Skateboard GB has created a straightforward guide that almost anybody can follow.

Once you understand how to ride a skateboard and are more comfortable rolling around, Skateboard GB recommends learning some tricks and trying to pluck up the courage to visit a skatepark.

Regarding how to become a skateboard coach, Skateboard GB offers a Level 1 qualification in skateboard coaching that’s perfect for those wanting to help others learn how to ride a skateboard.

This course comprises a 1-day course online and a 1-day face-to-face course enabling you to prepare for a skateboard lesson and teach beginner skateboarders.

Funding New Skateparks

Some of the beautiful work that Skateboard GB does is to help fund and build new skateparks in local communities in the UK.

In partnership with Sport England, the “Design and Development Guidance for Skateboarding” guidance document aims to support the creation of skateparks and skateboard facilities.

The Pipeline Project

The Pipeline Project 2022-23 launched in July 2022 and is available to applications from British Skaters for 4 weeks.

The UK Sports Progression Investment stream enables the process of identifying and supporting good skateboarders to become even better.

What is the Skateboard GB Membership?

Skateboard GB have various membership options

Designed for skaters, coaches and supporters, as well as skate parks, schools and community groups, Skateboard GB have developed a variety of skateboarding memberships to suit different needs.

If you are a beginner or pro-level skateboarder, the ‘Skateboarder Membership’ includes Personal Accident Cover, Access to member-only discounts and more.

Whereas, if you are looking to teach skateboarding, the ‘Coach Membership’ is suitable for you (taking that you already passed the Skateboard GB Coaching Course).

For more skateboarding news, how-tos, skateboarder profiles and basically all things skateboarding, check out our skateboarding blog.

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