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Latest Skateboarding News from Around the World – May Edition

While we love to talk in detail about pro skaters, share tips and advice on skateboard maintenance, and reviews of parks and products.

This post is going to be short and sweet, with the latest in skateboarding news from around the world in bite-sized highlights.

They’re funny and ridiculous and some of the stories might actually get you thinking.

So, grab a brew and get updated on the latest skateboarding news hitting the mainstream media this month.


Skateboard helps very premature babies develop their motor skills

A medical skateboard designed to help very premature infants practice moving forwards improves their chances of crawling and standing by the age of 1.

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2023 World Skateboarding Tour Park San Juan

World Champions and Olympic medallists Sky Brown and Jagger Eaton headline the park skaters descending on San Juan’s Skatepark Pocito for World Skate’s Paris 2024 Olympic Qualifier running form 21-28 May. Here’s what you need to know.

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‘We say, skate and destroy! Just commit and do it’: India’s skatergirl pioneers

India’s small group of female skateboarders is smashing stereotypes and forming strong communities. We hear some of their stories

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Chris Sutton v stars of new skateboarding film Woolf Women

Woolf Women is a film documentary about five female downhill skateboarders who embark on a white-knuckle adventure across Europe to an ancient monastery perched high in the Pontic Mountains in Turkey. It will be in UK cinemas from 8 June.

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Skateboarding Dogs show off their skills at competition in Thailand

See dogs riding skateboards at the Pet Expo Thailand in Bangkok. This Pet Expo looks crazy!

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How can skateboarding help your mental health?

Redbull in conversations with these amazing nonprofits and organizations who are using the power of skateboarding to improve people’s mental health, is pushing forward the mental health conversation.

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Only at Gucci would a skateboard become an It bag

Shiney skateboard bags have made onto the catwalk. What the what!

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