How to skate a mini ramp

How to skate a mini ramp – top 10 video tutorials

Few other sports allow for so much creativity and fun as skateboarding. Skateboarding on pavements or at the park can add an element of adventure to your day as well as being a great workout. If you’re looking to improve your tricks, skating on a mini ramp could be the ideal solution. In this post, we reveal the top 10 video tutorials which tell you everything you need to know about how to skate a mini ramp.

What is a mini ramp?

A mini ramp is a smaller version of a half-pipe that joins two-quarter pipes with a flat in the middle. The top sections of each quarter pipe have a coping, which is a round metal edge. This setup allows you to practise all manner of tricks and improve your skills enough to venture into half-pipe territory. The slope on either side ensures you have enough momentum to try out new tricks on both sides.

Skateboarders like mini ramps because they can be challenging for all levels; even extreme riders find it one of the most fun options. Mini ramps can make it easier to practise basic tricks and stunts, which are necessary when progressing through your skateboarding journey.

What tricks can you perform on a mini ramp?

The best way to learn how to skate a mini ramp is to learn some basic skills before you progress to more advanced ones.

Roll to fakie

This simple trick requires you to balance on the ramp. It involves staying on your skateboard, where you control your body as you go up the ramp, then roll back and go up the other side. You need to bend your knees and move your shoulders. You’ll turn your shoulders when you reach the other side, to guide you down the ramp and back up the other side. This trick teaches you stability on the ramp.

Kick turn

This builds on the roll to fakie, where instead of switching shoulders to face where you’re going next, you turn the board to face the other direction, similar to a car’s U-turn. This requires you to shift your weight onto the back foot at the right moment, and use the back row wheels as a pivot to turn the board by steering with your front foot. Remember to be stable, and only do so on the flat middle section of the ramp. Once you can comfortably do so, advance to doing it near the top of either quarter pipe ramp.

Dropping in and out

To safely drop in, you’ll first need to practise on the gentlest sloping ramp, concentrating on the transition from standing on the ramp to placing your weight on the board. You need to place your weight on the front foot to knock the board onto all its wheels fast. Delaying leaves your weight on the back wheels, which will roll too fast and throw you on your back. Remember to keep your weight on the front side by leaning forward. Shifting backwards is also how you will slide off and hurt yourself. Therefore, commit to the move and only advance to steeper ramps once you can do it smoothly.

You may need to get off if you are carrying too much speed up a quarter pipe. The safest way to do so is as you approach the coping, take your back foot off the board and step on the ramp. The front foot will slide the board up and within arm’s length. Grab it and proceed to step off the ramp. Your momentum should safely push you off and onto the platform after the coping. Make sure you wear a helmet and knee pads until you master the move.

Rock to fakie

This is a slight pause at the top of the ramp where one row of wheels goes beyond the coping, before you release them back and skate to the other side. It requires dexterity in getting those wheels over the coping. You need to gently shift your weight to the back foot as you approach the coping, then slightly lift up to skip the coping. This needs your accurate judgment, and quick thinking to get back down smoothly.

Switch rock to fakie

This is similar to the rock to fakie, only you’ll rely more on your momentum to get those top wheels beyond the coping, than the slight lift. It is much easier to execute, and less prone to falls.

Front side and backside slash

As you get better at these tricks, you’ll be ready for the frontside and backside slash. This involves you attempting to skate on the coping with the trucks. The idea is to go a bit higher than in a kick turn, enough to get the front wheels beyond the coping, then turn and place the trucks on the coping, riding it for a moment, before turning and dropping back down the ramp.

Staking a mini ramp is a fun and adventurous experience that keeps you engaged whenever you have time. You only need to know how to do it safely and practise your skills with discipline. The best approach is to master the basics and advance only when you’re competent.

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