Hereford Skatepark

Hereford Skatepark is getting a Makeover

We have some exciting news about the Hereford skatepark on Holmer Rd.

This is an epic skate park already, which we highlighted as one of our 10 best skateparks in the UK, and it looks like it’s going to get even better!

According to the Your Herefordshire news release on the 23rd of May 2023, the expansion plans for the Hereford skatepark have moved forward after the confirmation of funding.

This skatepark is run by WS4H, a 100% community-run charity, and they are excited to be working with Betongpark on the expansion project.

So, let’s take a look at what’s going to be happening!

The new plans for Hereford Skatepark

Illustration of Hereford skatepark


Here’s the existing skatepark layout

Can you spot the difference?

photograph of the Hereford outdoor skatepark

Here’s a break down the additions planned for the skatepark:

  • The rails and pool bowl will be getting a revamp
  • There will be an advanced feature zone
  • New site entrance with planting and relocated sculpture
  • An extended street plaza around an existing boombox
  • An open flow zone linked to the existing eastern edge loop
  • Mini ramp open-ended bowl with a bespoke roof structure

This all sounds amazing, and I’ll be planning a little trip to Hereford soon to review the existing site and hopefully do a before and after video when the updates have been finished.

There’s no info on when the project will start yet, so I’ll keep you posted.


Images were taken from the Your Hereford article and the Hereford Skatepark Facebook page. 



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