Peter Ramondetta skateboarding. Photo credit: Gabe Morford.

Peter Ramondetta Skateboarding Profile

Stance: Regular Hometown: Wichita, Kansas Awards: Board in the Guthrie Hall of Fame Museum. 16th place overall in Street League (2012) Birthday: 18th December 1982 Instagram: @peterramondetta Introducing Peter Ramondetta All-around skater Peter Ramondetta was known for destroying streets and obstacles anywhere but is perhaps best known for tackling spots around his adopted home city...

Kyle Walker. Photo by The Skateboarders Journal

Kyle Walker Skateboarding Profile

Stance: Goofy Hometown: Moore, Oklahoma, USA Awards: Thrasher’s 2016 Skater of the Year Birthday: 19th January 1994 Instagram: @kwalks Introducing Kyle Walker Kyle Walker has been described as “the skaters’ favourite skater”. This could be partly due to his reputation for being quietly calm and affable, and for being such a great representative of the...

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