Eames Office x Globe skateboard Deck

Eames Office x Globe skateboard Deck collaboration

One of the world’s largest skateboard brands, Globe, loves collaborating and getting creative with its deck designs. They’ve worked with Pantone, and The Ramones and are now, teaming up with the Eames Office to create a stunning collection of walnut-veneered Globe skateboard decks.  Eames Office x Globe There are 3 Globe skateboard decks in the...

Brand Spotlight Globe Skateboards

Brand Spotlight: Globe Skateboards

As a very well-regarded brand in the skate industry, we wanted to talk about Globe International Ltd as a brand, where it all started, the team behind them and what makes Globe skateboards so highly rated. It all started back in the ’80s with three Australian brothers; Stephen, Peter and Matt Hill. Fresh out of...

2023 Global skateboarding events

2023 Global skateboarding events not to be missed

As we’re well into the new year, we’re gearing up for an exciting lineup of the upcoming 2023 global skateboarding events.  From professional competitions to grassroots gatherings, there’s something for everyone to look forward to. 2023 Global Skateboarding Events X Games Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 21-25 July, 2023 One of the most highly-anticipated events on the...

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