Sky Brown skateboarder

Sky Brown: Team GB Skateboarding superstar

Sky Brown took the skateboarding world by storm – and raised its profile hugely – when she became Britain’s youngest-ever Olympic medal winner. Age: 14 Hometown: Miyazaki, Japan, and Huntington Beach, California Global Rank: 83 Stance: Goofy Instagram: @skybrown Introducing Sky Brown Skateboarding (finally) became an official Olympic sport in the 2020 Summer Olympics, which...

Complete skateboard decs recommended by Europe skate

Top 10 complete skateboards for 2023

From brain buckets to wheels, some boarders prefer to piece together their entire kit from scratch. If you’re thinking of buying a complete skateboard in ’23, here are ten of the best. Are you thinking new year, new board? Why not use the cash Grandma slipped in your hand at Christmas to help you start...

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