close up of 2 people sitting on skateboards

Top 5 mini skateboards for kids

Skateboarding is an enjoyable activity that can help children develop better coordination, balance and strength. It can also teach them the importance of perseverance and practice since learning tricks and becoming great at skateboarding takes time to master, which is why we’re sharing our top 5 mini skateboards for kids. Using skateboards for kids from...

skateboarding events November

Skateboarding Events November

Thanks to skateboarding’s Olympic debut in 2021, more people than ever before are picking up their boards and heading to their local skateparks. As such, it’s probably no surprise that the number of skateboarding events taking place around the world is increasing as well. Check out our list of the best skateboarding events happing this...

feet on longboard

Best wheel hardness for longboard wheels

Choosing wheels for your longboard and knowing which hardness is best can be difficult, especially if you’re relatively new to skateboarding. So in this guide, we’ll help you understand different types of skateboard wheel hardness, explain why wheel hardness matters, and what is the best wheel hardness for longboard wheels to help you pick the...

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